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As we had previously announced, an upgrade has been on the way for all World of Warcraft launchers to change to the desktop app. We’re excited to say that it is finally the time and that as of today, players will begin autom...
Published Aug 26, 2014
Want to bring your fan or guild site closer to our games? Then crack open a can of awesome with's OAuth 2.0 service, which enables players to securely access your site with their account and choose what types of dat...
Published Aug 22, 2014
"We will never be slaves! But we will be conquerors…" The pit lord Mannoroth is dead. Gul'dan and his followers are in chains. In one night, Grommash Hellscream exposed and thwarted the forces that meant to subjugate the orcs. In on...
Published Aug 22, 2014
By initiating one of these transfers, you will be moving your character to a new realm and home. This is a one-time, one-way move. If you wish to move your character elsewhere, you will need to use the paid transfer service. .top-list-co...
Published Aug 21, 2014
.hero-spotlight-blog .hero-quote { padding:15px 0; text-align:center; } .hero-spotlight-blog .hero-quote .quote-text { font-style:italic; } .hero-spotlight-blog .hero-animated-preview { float:right } .hero-spotli...
Published Aug 20, 2014
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work sucks
game time out and no cash sorting it out but if not I be back on the 18th april
Hello :d
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